The Panasonic range of intercom systems is suitable for single home or multiple apartment applications. There are voice only and voice with video options.

Panasonic’s Wireless Video Intercom System brings upgraded features and ease of operation that will enhance security for your family. It can be easily installed and conveniently expanded. The system includes a monitor for seeing and hearing activity at the front door, a convenient wireless monitor that can be carried about, an IPS LCD that can be easily viewed at angles and from below, a beautiful 5.2 inch colour monitor, recording support that can safely store a maximum of 400 images, and whole lot more.  And, it comes with Transfer Calling that allows use as an ordinary phone plus a host of features for enhancing family communications. Also available is a 3.5 inch LCD Model that is great for enhancing family security and can  be easily installed anywhere in the home as demanded by your family’s situation. Panasonic is concerned about the safety of your family.

The Panasonic Video Intercom offers large system expandability via combination with optional products, not only for detached houses, apartment buildings but als0 businesses to meet customer needs for safety and convenience.