Why Gallagher?

Gallagher is based in Hamilton,New Zealandand is part of the Gallagher Group.

The Cardax Access Control System can be expanded using existing Ethernet Networks, LAN / WAN.

Automatic evacuation reports can be generated through the Cardax System. These reports are used during a site emergency alarm to report on the people that are on site at the time of the alarm.

Cardax FT is the new generation of Access Control equipment currently being installed across the country. The multi-site flexibility along with the remote site dial-up functionality provides all the necessary features required by multi-site companies.

Cardax FT is a comprehensive Microsoft Windows based security system. It integrates access control and alarms management, intruder alarm monitoring, remote digital imaging, intercom and PhotoID badging.

It is a network-friendly system, designed to use minimal bandwidth. The system’s communications, which are encrypted, can utilise an organisations existing intranet and are internet compatible.

The server component uses the Microsoft SQL database. It is OPC (OLE for Process Control) enabled, facilitating the sharing of selected system information with other OPC enabled process applications.